Vo-Tech Classes include Bible Study

Violent gangs recruit a great many young people in Honduras. Sadly, few young people have skills to enable them to obtain adequate employment so they often feel that they have no alternative but to become a gang member.

Our desire to reach out to these young men and women in this poor community by offering training in employable skills in addition to the already successful sewing classes became a reality in the summer of 2007. We were finally able to offer the much-needed vocational training classes in carpentry, welding and computer education. Classes have grown faster than we expected and include a number of young people who would otherwise likely be drawn into gangs. We currently have 45 students in the various classes. In addition to the practical training, each class also provides a Biblical study. Participation in daily Bible classes is a condition of attendance in any of the schools. Joel Mejia, son of Pastor Silverio in El Chile, is serving as gardener, painter, and Bible teacher and Norma Bonilla teaches Bible classes for the sewing class. Mirna, her sister, teaches the pre-schoolers.

June 2008 Vo-Tech Classes Growing!!!

Luis Paz, owner and developer of the property where the Mission Center is built, offered us use of the part of the factory building just east of the center. Just this week he gave us permission to begin immediately making needed modifications. This will make it possible to move the carpentry and welding classes near the Mission Center. There is room here for us to begin classes in auto repair as well! We praise God for this provision!

Welding Class More Information

Learn more about this ministry by clicking on the link above.

Sewing Class More Information

Many single women are in desperate need of learning a skill so that they can support themselves and their children. Learn more about this ministry by clicking on the link above.

Carpentry Class More Information

The carpentry class is instructed by Inti. Learn more about this ministry by clicking on the link above.

Computer Technology Class More Information

Nelson, the computer teacher that is working with this ministry, made a power point presentation and showed it in the public schools. As a result more than thirty students signed up for the classes. Learn more about this ministry by clicking on the link above.

Automotive Class More Information

This is still in the praying stages. God-willing this will be a reality soon. Learn more about this prospective ministry by clicking on the link above.