from participants in Oct. 2008 Mission Trip:

What is so exciting is that our God is such a great God and His agenda is so much more than I could ever dream or hope for. Our team went beyond what I thought possible and they each allowed God to do the work through them. As I saw them interact with the Honduran people I saw God’s love flowing so freely. Our first day the interpreters could not get to the clinic because of the flooding in their town so our team rose to the need using their limited Spanish. We grow ever closer to the precious people of Honduras each time we come. We also become more dependent upon our Lord and His strength to help us. As always, it is an encouragement to live with the Kuneys and share their vision for these people and see their dependence upon God. To God be the Glory! – Betty Jo G., Oklahoma

This trip was just awesome, the people were wonderful and my heart has become so full of love for these people and the Kuneys that it’s hard to leave them! Now, I can’t imagine how I went through life without knowing them! I’m hoping to come back as soon as I possibly can and I will continue to pray for them all! May God be with them and may He bless them immensely! – Abby P., Oklahoma

I can only say this…. I have seen what can happen when you let God lead you through. The Kuney’s life work has shown me what happens when you put total trust in God. I will be forever grateful for this experience. – Mary W., Oklahoma

This trip has been so beneficial for me personally. It has been eye-opening to see the realities of life here in Honduras. It has been heart-warming to be a part of the work that the Kuneys are doing to improve the lives of average Hondurans and to share with them the love of God. – Tyler W., Oklahoma

What a privilege to share in the work that the Kuneys have set forth here in Honduras. I’m so grateful for their hospitality and example. May God bless them. – Nikki C., Oklahoma

This has been a very special time. I have sensed a new closeness to the Lord during this time. God has been present and honored in many ways. – Dr. Jim G., Oklahoma

Wow! What an opportunity to serve. The Kuney’s work and its progress is truly a blessing from God and for me personally has opened my eyes to the need of service by Christians world wide. Trusting the Lord is paramount in this work from the smallest need to the greatest. Thanks be to God for His continued blessing to this ministry. – Marcy E., Oklahoma

The Lord has blessed me by allowing me this opportunity to serve these people. Once again, the children just grab your heart. They are so sweet and beautiful. The Kuneys are gracious hosts. – Dr. Tom P., Oklahoma