- Please double check your passport to be sure you have at least six months before it expires. You will not be allowed to travel if it is too close to the expiration date. Make two good quality color copies of your passport. Give one to your team leader to bring with him and leave one at home in a safe place. This will be of great help in case of loss or theft.


  • GARY KUNEY 011-504-3-140-2892
  • CHERYL KUNEY 001-504-9531-4057
  • Magic Jack phone – 918-895-5411
  • NICOLAS: 011-504-8796-8672

The team leader should carry our numbers and email so we can be contacted if your flight is delayed, cancelled or for any kind of emergency.

On arrival, we will provide the team leader(s) with one or two cell phones to use here at his discretion. Calls can be made to the USA for approx. 10 cents a minute. Generally, US cell phones will not work down here.

At least one team member should bring their laptop to communicate with your contact back home, because you will not have access to a computer here.

Our dormitory rooms are now equipped with wi fi, so you can use your computers on site.


- ** On the airplane you will be given customs/immigration papers to fill out. Your purpose of travel is: tourism. Your foreseen address is: Gathering Hearts Mission Center, Dept of Puerto Cortes, Honduras. Immigration will staple a piece of paper into your passport. This is your VISA. Do not remove it or lose it! If you are asked why you are coming to Honduras, simply state that you are coming to work with a missionary.


- We suggest you pack a carry-on with at least one change of clothes in it. Remember to put any prescription medicine you need to take regularly in your carry-on as well. This will be of great help should your checked luggage not arrive when you do. At the airport, do let the baggage handlers help you. They can get you through customs much faster. We will tip them after they take your luggage to the van.


- Honduras currency is the Lempira. The conversion is approx. 23:1. It is easy to think in terms of 23 Lempiras = $1.

Please give what extra spending money you desire to your team leader, before you leave the states who can list it and deposit it in our account. This is in addition to your per diam. We will have Lempiras already exchanged for each team member to use as spending money during the week. No one accepts US bills larger than $20 or less than $5 and the exchange rate at time of a purchase is not as good. Travelers’ checks are no good here.

If you plan to bring a credit card to use, that is fine. Just be sure to call your credit card company to let them know you will be traveling to Honduras so they will not flag your account when you go to use it. You will also need to show your driver’s license when you charge.


- No shots are required to enter Honduras. We strongly suggest a current tetanus shot. You may check into Hep A if you have enough time. (It requires a booster.)


- It is hot here most of the time. Shorts may be worn, mid-thigh to knee length for men. Knee length or capris for ladies. Please do not wear mini skirts, tank tops or spaghetti straps, backless, or low front tops (BTW most Hondurans do not wear shorts). Sandals or flip-flops are not permitted on the construction work site – closed toed shoes only. You will want to wear light colored lightweight fabric. Do pack a sweater, jacket or long sleeved shirt, just in case. Do pack a swimsuit and a beach towel in case we go to the beach.  Shorts and T shirt covered swimsuits are appropriate.


- Power outages are common here.  We have in each room a flashlight and battery operated alarm clock – although the roosters should have you up plenty early. If you are a light sleeper, pack some earplugs. You may room with someone who snores or the roosters and birds will wake you up. (They start before daylight.)


- Please, please, please start drinking extra WATER at least a week before your arrival. You will be better off if you arrive well hydrated.

For construction teams: Each team member should bring powdered Gatorade mix to use at the work site. (Amounts will vary according to the size of your team.) We mix it in a 5 gallon thermos.

Sunscreen of at least SPF 45 is a must. Wide brim hats are a good idea, those with less hair on top need to be extra careful. We are very close to the equator and the sun is intense to say the least.
Mosquitoes can be a problem depending on your location and how sweet you are. Bring some repellent with you and use it. Taking vitamin B6 for a couple weeks before you arrive may make you less appealing to the critters.


- We suggest you leave anything of value or anything you cannot easily replace at home. While we go to great lengths to keep you as secure as possible, Honduras is a country of crime and we take nothing for granted. Please no diamonds or jewels, fancy watches, electronics, etc.


- Never go anywhere alone. Watch your wallet and personal belongings, especially at the worksite. Don’t count money or fumble through your wallet where others can see. Pay attention to what is going on around you.

Be careful what you say and how you say things. More Hondurans than you’d think understand at least some English and can easily be offended. You will see some different and strange things here. Be careful how you react.


- If you should feel led to give a gift of money or anything else to a national (Honduran), please talk to Gary (your missionary) about it first. We do not want the Hondurans to get into the habit of expecting hand outs from Americans. Also, we want to protect our Honduran brothers and sisters as best we can.

For example: Publicly presenting the pastor of the church with a gift of $500 (whether it is intended for his family or the church) could not only cause problems amongst the congregation, but actually could endanger that pastor’s life and his family as well. We must be careful, so please let Gary advise you of the best way to go about giving a gift to anyone.


- Hopefully each team will take some video and pictures that can be downloaded on a DVD while in Honduras to leave with the Kuneys and share with your team mates and churches.


- All water that comes from a faucet is fine for bathing, washing, and with shaving. DO NOT DRINK IT. You should drink only bottled water while here. Please use bottled water for brushing your teeth as well. Do not gargle water in the shower. All canned and bottled sodas, juices, etc. are safe, but use a straw.

15. FOOD

- Most all of the meals are prepared in the Kuney household. Do not buy anything from street vendors.


- We go to great lengths to make this mission experience an awesome one for each team. Whether this is your first time or tenth, no two mission’s trips are ever the same. We simply ask that you come with no expectations and a servant’s heart. Praying together as a team before arrival is powerful and it shows.  Please do pray that God will fulfill in each of you His desire for your purpose here.  Now with all this said, let’s have a great time working for the Lord! God is so good. We know you all will be blessed by coming and we are honored to be your hosts.


– Each team member pays $65 per day for food, accommodations, transportation, extra utilities, translators, bottled water and additional security guards. This needs to be received two weeks in advance to the Gathering Hearts address.

If the team is larger than our transportation can hold (8-12 people) a bus will have to be rented.  This cost is an extra $143 – $275 per trip, depending on what is available at the time.  If an excursion is requested, any entrance fees are also extra.  The per diem covers just the team on site plus transportation to and from te airport in our own vehicles.

If you have any questions, we’ll do the best we can to answer them. See you soon!

Gary and Cheryl