Sewing Class


Norma (Sewing Teacher works with three others)

Norma is a very dedicated individual. Even though she has a disability she walked several miles to class even though we had no space for her. Eventually we were able to accommodate her and she has been head of the sewing class ever since.

Early on it became apparent that there were many single women in desperate need of learning a skill so that they could support themselves and their children – a sewing school which includes Bible studies is now meeting this need. Click on the pictures below for a larger view.


Norma Bonilla returned to Honduras April 24 after undergoing a successful knee replacement surgery in Brunswick, Maine. We were trying to locate a wheel chair for her use on arriving back in Seis de Mayo, but after our guard, Nikolas picked her up at the airport, he called very excited and said “she can walk”!


What a sweet blessing it was to see these sewing students graduate, after being with us for several years. Some of them wanted to continue attending classes and would rather not graduate, but in order to accommodate new students, we needed to have a graduation. We will always stay in contact with them and would like to begin women’s ministry where they could continue Bible studies. December 20th eight graduated! One was the daughter of Otilia, one of our very first students when we were meeting back in the jungle.

This graduation was special in that the workers did all the planning and preparation for for the graduation. They prepared a meal for all attending and Nelson, the computer teacher, printed programs. Another special moment was the students presenting a plaque to the Kuney Family noting the students’ appreciation for the ministry. This is really to all of you who support this ministry helping the people of Honduras accomplish a skill to support themselves and teach them the ways of Christ. Thank you to all.Gathering Hearts for Honduras Sewing Class Graduation

  • New Convert Rosa, with sewing teacher Norma, and Gary & Cheryl

  • Sewing Teaching Norma at the Christmas Party 2007

    Sewing Teacher Norma

  • Sewing Class with Norma

    Sewing Class with Norma

  • Gary & Cheryl with Norma and students displaying their work.

    Gary & Cheryl, with Norma and student displaying their work.

  • Gary, Cheryl, and Norma with sewing student showing her work.

    Gary, Cheryl, and Norma with sewing student showing her work.

  • Sewing Class of 2005

    Sewing Class of 2005

  • Student at work on one of the treadle machines

    Student at work on one of the treadle machines.

  • Norma and Sewing Student

    Norma and Sewing Student

  • Sewing student working at work table.

    Sewing student working at work table