Schools and Vocational Training

School and Vocational Academy

At Gathering Hearts we have observed first hand how education and training makes a tangible difference in students lives.

Sponsoring a child allows deserving younger students who are be unable to afford tuition or uniforms to attend school.  Sponsoring an adult vocational student at our vocational academy allows us to train adult learners with relevant job skills so they are able to apply for work.

Our adult students are primarily single moms raising children who have no way to earn a living for their families.   These women and their children often find themselves abandoned, without the resources to purchase food and basic necessities and with no skills or education to recommend them to an employer.   Our vocational training program is designed to meet this need and allow these women to provide for their families and themselves.

The sponsorship program is a huge part of what we do at Gathering Hearts and allow both children and adult learners to have new opportunities.

We thank God for all of our friends who share our burden for these children and adult learners in Honduras.

Help bring hope to students.

We pray you will consider sponsoring a child’s education or providing vocational training for single mothers to support their families.

Vocational Academy

When you sponsor a student at our vocational academy you have an opportunity to change the course of an entire family.


Sponsor a young Student

When you sponsor a student to school you are providing tuition, clothing, shoes, books and hope were there was none.  


Sponsorship FAQ

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