Carpentry Class

We began the carpentry class in 2009 to accommodate those young men that were at risk to join the gangs. Some of them were not yet on a level to begin our English/computer classes. Eventually some of them moved into the higher level classes.

We recruit these young men by hosting soccer tournaments. As many as eight teams have come to compete on a make shift field near our mission center. We witness to them and invite them to our vo-tech classes. Our goal is to give these young men an alternative to joining the gangs. Our overall objective is to lead these young people to Christ, help them change their lives, learn a marketable skill, so that they can earn a living and keep their families together, develop their communities and be involved in the church.


Alfredo, our carpentry teacher, explains and new procedure.

These young men are not only learning a skill, but they are also making furniture for the poor, and also making the doors for the new dormitories, and eventually will market their products.

carpentryClass1 CarpentryClass2