Computer Class

Nelson - Computer Teacher

Nelson (Computer Teacher)

Nelson grew up only a couple of miles from the Mission Center and has a real heart to help his people. He worked on a cruise ship several years and learned to speak English, so he teaches that as well as computers.

Computer ClassVo-tech Computer Class

It was only six months ago that we began classes in computers, carpentry, and welding. To generate interest, Nelson, our computer teacher, made a power point presentation and showed it in the public schools. As a result we had more than thirty computer students during the three months when school was out. Since school resumed in February we still have nearly thirty students, including a Saturday class.

Our Vo-tech classes have Bible study as tuition payment for attending class. We utililize the front porch of the Mission Center for our Bible study teaching time.God has so blessed these Bible study times and we are thankful to God for the creative way every inch of the Mission Center is being turned into a ministering platform.

UPDATE — April 2009

Thanks to First United Methodist Church sending down more computers on the container, there are now five shifts of computer classes. Some of these graduates have been able to use their education to get computer jobs.

UPDATE — March 2009

The officials from Puerto Cortes had known nothing of our education program here at the Center and were most impressed. When the man in charge of the group saw students sitting in front of 20 computers he was shocked. Many of the schools here feel lucky if they have even one computer. He pledged the help of the government in any way possible, and of course we are grateful, but made it clear this is first of all a ministry, dedicated to presenting the Gospel to every student, and that everyone must attend Bible study at the beginning of each class.

UPDATE — December 2008


The computer classes continue to grow and we now have sixty computer students. Our teacher, Nelson, started the first of November working full time for Gathering Hearts for Honduras. Nelson teaches all ages and we now have students as young as eight years-old. Our goal is to teach each student a marketable skill so that they could earn a living without joining the gangs. Bible study is required for all students which is held at the beginning of each class.We have only thirteen computers, but we are hoping to get more with the container that is to arrive this month. Again, we thank Norman Haws of First United Methodist Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma for gathering up and sending these computers.

Beginner Computer Class
First Computer Class Graduation - October 8th, 2008
Bible Class on the porch