Christmas Boxes

Looking for a Mission project for your school, organization or church? Join Gathering Hearts for Honduras missionaries Gary and Cheryl Kuney and participating support groups in sending gift boxes around Christmas time to the children of San Pedro Sula, Honduras and the surrounding jungle areas. Each child from infant-14 yr. receives their own Christmas box. Beacon Hill Baptist, the distribution center for the gift boxes, collects items all year and then assembles over 1000 boxes in early fall. You can be involved in this exciting project by either collecting items or donating money to buy needed supplies.

Here is a sampling of what goes in the boxes.

Evangelistic coloring book tract, written in Spanish-Would you write one?

Crayons, Pencils, Spiral Notebooks, Cheese/Peanut Butter Crackers, animal cookies, Cheezits, non candy items.

Stuffed animals, small age appropriate toys: i.e., matchbox cars, small dolls, small hand-held games, figures, jump ropes, balls, small Frisbees, yo-yos, etc. (no war or monster-type toys)

Personal Hygiene items: i.e., toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, wash cloth

Clothing items: Summer things only, shoes, hats, socks, undies

For infants: Diapers (cloth with pins or disposable), small diaper bags, blankets, bottles, sippy cups, pacifiers, rattles, formula,etc.

Want more information?

Please write for a more extensive supply list of items and instructions on becoming involved.

No group is too little or big to get involve. It’s fun!

Candy Matheny

or call: 918-627-6436

Join the Opportunity to Bless the Children

If you would like to participate in this incredible ministry opportunity, e-mail Candy Matheny or call her at 918-627-6436

Click here for an extensive list and details of the various items needed for the different age groups of children

Thank you to our present sponsors!

“And whoso shall receive one such little child in my Name receiveth me.”

Matthew 18:5

Christmas Boxes sent in 2014

Packing the truck for El Sauce:3-1 3-3

An assembly line with the OSU team, guards, Gary and bus driver formed to pass the gifts through the crowd in El Sauce.

5-1    5-2
The OSU students inside Flor’s house methodically distributed the gifts as the children walked through the house.

  9 12


Christmas Boxes sent in Nov., 2011

We passed out the Christmas gifts to the kids from Seis de Mayo. I didn’t know if we would be able to do it; we had so much rain with high winds during the night that there was water in our office, dining room, and stairwell this morning. Temperatures were in the mid-60s; for Honduras, that’s extreme cold. Nevertheless, before eight o’clock the crowd was growing, even in the driving rain. Many didn’t even have an umbrella; some of the little kids showed up in snowsuits.

The following day we went to El Sauce; water in the low spots was waist high but we made it through the high waters and handed out 300 more gifts. Once we got there, all went pretty well.  As usual, the crowd was more orderly than in Seis.


Christmas Boxes sent in 2009

The container finally arrived at the mission center Christmas Eve. A full 40 ft container stocked with computers, sewing machines, Children’s Christmas gifts and supplies were unpacked by our workers. The only place they could unload was inside the Mission Center.

Thank you Oral Roberts University students who donated the funds to purchase another container for storage. This will enable the ministry to provide computers and sewing machines to graduates.

Jacob Bower, Oklahoma University student, applied for a “humanitarian” scholarship to have financial assistance to come to Honduras to pass out the over 900 Christmas gifts to the children in the poorer villages. Distribution was even more of a challenge because the van that we had hoped to send him out to the remote area in, broke down. Jacob had some set backs but still successfully got the gifts in the hands of these children. Thank you Jacob and Oklahoma University for helping the children of Honduras.


Christmas Boxes 2008

Christmas gifts were distributed to the children in the villages. What a blessing for these families to receive these gifts that not only provided small toys but basic necessities. There are still children in the villages unable to receive gifts because we need a couple hundred more.

Thanks to Tom Hagen, Mike and Janice Fellman of Claremore, Oklahoma, the container was full of Christmas gifts for the village children and supplies for the Mission Center and the Kuney Family. The container sat for weeks on the dock in Gulf Port, Mississippi ready for shipping to Puerto Cortes, just five miles from our center! Dole had graciously consented to ship again this year.

Thank you Jim Redyke, Dykon Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma who offered his warehouse for storing the container until shipment was granted. His son, Jared, drove the container to Gulf Port. This year was a special challenge for the container shipment because we no longer had the previous warehouse storage and the trucking company no longer used the larger trucks which accomodated the container. What an answer to prayer when Jim offered the warehouse, truck and even the driver! Jim has been here several times on construction teams from First United Methodist Church of Tulsa, Oklahoma and is a real blessing to the ministry here in his help with this container.

Christmas Boxes 2007

The container left Tulsa right after Thanksgiving and contained 700 children’s gifts, vo-tech tools, supplies, and an air compressor for the dental clinic. Thanks to our friend, Blanca Membreno, the customs fees had been reduced to around $350, but the agents discovered four sewing machines that they claimed were not on the inventory. With that they suspected us of smuggling in supplies for profit. They ‘tabled” the container and the customs fees went up to $3,000! However, a change in personnel and a couple of key contacts gave us a second chance, and when the 40 foot container arrived January 30 the total cost including tariffs, fees and delivery was less than $270. Thanks for your prayers!! As you can see, many joyful children received their Christmas boxes which also had the Gospel.