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Change in the World

March 21, 2017

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Make a Difference

March 21, 2017

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Do the Right Thing

March 21, 2017

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Hand in Hand

March 21, 2017

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The Beginning

April 15, 1999

It all begin with prayer.


At the beginning of 1999 the Gary and Cheryl Kuney had no plans to become missionaries. They were raising their five children in a comfortable suburb of Tulsa Oklahoma.  Gary worked in management at a local hospital and their lives were on a predictable path.  Everything felt right except that deep within their hearts they felt as if something was missing, as if God had more and so they began to pray.


During that year they felt God leading them in a new direction, one that seemed radical.  Together they stood at a fork in the path, feeling increasingly that God’s calling lay not only in a new vocation but in an entirely different country.  What would this mean for family and friends, for their finances and future…and yet the call on their hearts was undeniable.  By the end of that year the Kuney family with the exception of one daughter away at school had  moved to San Pedro Sula, Honduras.


Since that time the stories of God’s faithfulness are too many to recount.  Gary and Cheryl have joyfully seen God change the hearts and lives of individuals searching for truth. They have gained precious partners in ministry and service, both those born in Honduras and those born in America.   From short term mission trips to long term involvement God has led fellow workers, givers, servants and prayer partners to join the Gathering Hearts team in sharing Christ’s message of love and hope.  A message of love and hope that continues to resonate not only in Honduras but in communities and families in the United States as well.


Today the Gathering Hearts ministry has developed a variety of programs to show God’s love in Honduras and inspire all Christians to have a global vision for the church and the gospel.  While we believe that vocational training, ESL classes, Computer courses, medical clinics and other opportunities are critical tools empowering strength and dignity we know that these things alone are not enough. A transformed society must have transformed people and so we have committed ourselves to training and service but most importantly to bringing our friends to a knowledge of Jesus Christ.  For this purpose Gathering Hearts exists, working both directly and with local Honduran churches so that all may know the good news!


Your gifts, prayers, and service are all a part of this ministry! We thank God for all of our friends who share our burden for gathering hearts for Christ in Honduras.