UPDATE – Oct. 12, 2017

This past Monday we had opportunity to be interviewed on radio.  Actually it was recorded on Monday to be presented this coming Saturday, October 14, 11am and 11pm on KCFO AM970; and 11am and 11pm online at KCFO.com  Click where it says “listen now”.  The name of the show is “Doc Blevins and Friends”.

As you may have heard, the First Methodist mission team that was coming next week has cancelled their trip.  The reason is the epidemic of conjunctivitis in our villages.  Part of the problem is the lack of medications for treating the disease.  Given that, Cheryl has spent considerable time collecting medications from various suppliers and will be making a trip to Honduras this coming Sunday.

My health continues to improve; I’m about two thirds of the way through a cardiac rehab program.  The doctor says he doesn’t need to see me for four months.  It looks like I’ll be returning to Honduras in January,


UPDATE – Oct. 4, 2017

In North Western Honduras there is an epidemic of conjunctivitis. It is widespread but centers especially in the villages we serve south of Puerto Cortes. Part of the reason it is an epidemic is nothing is done to isolate cases and personal hygiene is not a priority there. Also our supervisor, Nicolas, said that they have ran out of the medications and there is none to be found.

We are in the process of trying to get bulk medications now along with soap and gloves.

There is a team scheduled to go in October 20-27. It is being decided if they will go. In any event, I will be flying in on the 15th of October and the Colwells with follow with or without the team.  Please pray with us that we could get the right medications, educate the people for the need of caution with this very contagious illness and that we can distribute the meds to those in need.

I am including a link about this: https://www.garda.com/crisis24/news-alerts/57651/honduras-conjunctivitis-outbreak-in-the-northwest

Thanks for your prayers


UPDATE – Aug. 20, 2017

Note from Patty Colwell:

In Honduras with an awesome team from Beacon Hill Baptist Church in Owasso. What a dedicated team and hard working! They have held children’s ministry, women’s ministry, youth ministry plus carpentry ministry. They have put in a sidewalk to the maquila (production center) so our workers won’t have to walk in the mud and we even have electrical expertise and woodworking expertise in the production center to help with some rearrangement and refinement of the workflow.

We continue to pray over Gary Kuney as he recovers and over Cheryl Kuney as his caregiver while we believe God has sent each one of us out with his angels to minister to the people of Honduras, and they to us.

Watch for the latest additions to the Gathering Hearts product line coming soon! Christmas stockings and new totes/purses and beach bags. This team is assisting with photography and they are great!

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UPDATE – Aug. 20, 2017

Note from Pat Ward – The team from Beacon Hill Baptist church consisted of 18 excited people who were ready to join God in his work in Honduras.


Our group was privileged to teach Bible classes about the miracles of Jesus to more than 250 children in the villages, schools and at the conference center.

Our team also helped in the ESL classes that were being held in the church on Saturday and at the conference center during the week. It was rewarding to see how hard the children and youth worked to learn English.  Some of our group helped in the computer classes as well. 5 Our young men worked in the carpentry shop along side the talented workers who labored to make the boards for the craft in the Women’s classes and the crosses that were made to sell in America. Our men laid a concrete sidewalk with the help of Nicolas and some of the other staff members to enable one of the workers, who has to use a wheelchair to get to work easier in the rain.  After a day of ministering to children and teens and doing back breaking labor many of the group always found time and energy to join the local youth in games of soccer on a concrete field.  There was a lot accomplished in the manufacturing plant during the week as well. Many Christmas stockings were made by the workers to be sold in the United States. .

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A few of our men worked diligently and late at night to add some wiring in the manufacturing plant and some of our ladies painted in the manufacturing plant as well. Classes were also held for the women in the area during the week.

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We had a total of 43 women come to learn more about the names of God and complete a beautiful project with four of the attributes of God painted on it to hang in their homes.

1They were thrilled to be able to make something to take home.  It was a wonderful, life changing week; we saw God answer prayer, we grew in our love for one another and for the people of Honduras. We are grateful for the opportunities God gave us.

UPDATE – Jul. 21, 2017

The health issues Gary has been having were finally determined to be associated with his heart so he had triple bypass surgery two weeks ago.   Cheryl was in Honduras seeing the last medical team off that had been there for the past week but was able to get back to Tulsa shortly before his surgery.  After the doctors released him from the hospital she has been caring for him at their home.  Gary’s recovery has been slow; he was readmitted this morning and the doctor performed a cardioversion to address his afib problems.  The procedure was successful but they are keeping him for observation.  Please continue to keep them in your prayers.

UPDATE – Jul. 6, 2017

First of all, thank all of you for your prayers—for Cheryl as she travels bank to Tulsa; and me as I get ready for surgery on Friday.  I spent another 3 hours at the hospital this morning doing more pre-op things.  Looks like we’re finally ready to go.  All this comes at a seemingly inopportune time, with new projects starting up at the mission center.  For a long time we have wanted to begin focusing on church development and classroom education, and both programs have just gotten off the ground.  But God knows.  There will be a time in the not too distant future when we will look back and see why He decided to do it this way…. Cheryl got home last night about midnight.  She missed her flight in Houston due to a delay in San Pedro.  Today we are handling details in preparation for my open heart surgery tomorrow.  Everyone has been so gracious to help us our and pray for us.  It will be awhile before I do another blog; this surgery has a pretty long recovery period.

UPDATE – Jul. 5, 2017

Here is a picture update of the most recent team from Southern Heights Church, Kalamazoo, MI.


The Team


Pastor Dan preaching the Sunday morning service


Natalile and her daughter, Maddie work with patients.


Children’s program goes on during clinic


Arlene Christian and Kate at work in triage with trasnlator


Merrilee and Morgan in triage


The kitchen staff, Keyla, Mayra, Gracie, Lesbe


Marilyn and Maddie running the pharmacy



Pastor Dan preaching in TEE with translator, Jessy


Part of the team with translators in a village community center where they held clinic


Timothy Leadership Training at, San Pedro Airport that launched our TLT program here that will start tomorrow. Cheryl, Denny Boersema and Pastor Dan Sarkipato of Southern Heights Church, Kalamazoo, MI, Carlos Lazono, Gary Schipper of Grand Rapids, MI, Chico Reyes,and Nelson Osorto, GH Computer Teacher


Carlos Lozano,Nelson Osorto, our computer teacher, Pastor Dan Sarkipato in SAP airport for Timothy Leadership Training meeting June 28th.


Church song fest with the team


Three young girls on the team along with one of our student nurses, Karen, sang at our song fest Thursday night.


Our students and young people on the team playing soccer


Morgon (Right) through translator (left) getting symptoms in triage


Kate and Morgan getting symptoms


Dr Don and DR Jon


Pasto Dan Sarkipato and Denny ( right ) meet with ministry leadership in orchestrating this Timothy Leadership Training


Little girl with abscess



Dr Don and Merrilee


Dr Jon and Sharon


Marilyn Boersema and her prayer partner in Honduras: Keyla ( our cook and sister in Christ)


Cheryl with one of her favorites, Cherly





UPDATE – July 2, 2017

Note from team member, Kate McLain:

“It was such a blessing to be able to work with Cheryl and Gathering Hearts this week.  I am inspired by the Kuney’s desire to seek after God and reliance on prayer. We came here to serve, but I was also richly blessed through this experience and learned so much about what it means to follow after God’s heart.  The people here are so lovable and my heart was filled with joy at the opportunity to work with them.  God was definitely at work this week and I am so grateful to Him that He allowed me to play a small part in His plan!

I am still very interested in the possibility of working with you longer term after I graduate.

I was challenged by how much you seek after God through prayer and I need to spend more time with Him and listen for His guidance.  I am often worried because I have no idea of what I will do after I graduate, but your faith in God encourages me and reminds me that He has everything in control.”

UPDATE – Jul. 1, 2017

Outlook from Denny Boersema, Team leader, Southern Heights Christian Reformed Church:

Jun. 30:  “Our two doctors spent much of the morning seeing return patients and some new ones. A very young girl was brought in by her grandmother yesterday morning with several abscesses on her neck and chest. The doctors treated this yesterday. The girl was seen again this morning and is doing so much better…”

1 2 3

Jun. 29:  “Wow! Did we have a busy day at our village clinic today – 105 people were processed and treated. It was a long, hot day there but a richly blessed one. The mission center clinic was quite slow today, but tomorrow we will be transporting patients in from remote areas so that will definitely increase our patient count. Our translator team has been absolutely outstanding in their work and in their attitudes.

Dan S, Nelson O, Cheryl Kuney, and myself drove to the airport in San Pedro this morning and met with 3 gentlemen representing an organization that provides practical training for pastors in the skills needed to grow their congregations numerically and spiritually. It was exciting to see how God brought this group together and what results came out of 75 minutes of dialogue. A trainer plans to come out here next Monday already and begin a training program with selected leaders from the church here as well as from some other area churches. Praise God for His provision so soon of a solution to an extreme need. This is something that we have been hoping for for a long time but had no idea how it might come about.

The young men and I finished the interior painting project as well as painting an exterior wall.

Late this afternoon we joined the church people for a prayer and teaching service. It was quite warm but many fans made it very bearable. The church people are so warm and friendly. Both before and after each service every hand is shaken by every other hand and lots of warm hugs are exchanged…”

4 5 6


UPDATE – Jun. 29, 2017

(June 22) Cheryl returned to Honduras—alone. I am feeling well, and the reports from my gastroenterologist were all normal.  However, I still have at least one more test with the cardiologist, and he’s out of town until next week.  So……I’ll have to wait.  Hopefully I’ll be able to return the first of July.  As I said Cheryl returned to Honduras and the next day, June 23rd. the team from Southern Heights Christian Reformed Church from Kalamazoo, MI arrived.  Fortunately Cheryl had done some preparation for that team prior to our departure from Honduras in May. She and our workers in Honduras were in constant contact in getting things lined up for this team.

There are two physicians on the team so there will be one clinic at the mission center and one in a different village each day.  I regret I’m not able to be there….on Monday I got a call from Cheryl and she said things were going well and that this was  really  a great team. Today, June 28th, I had a meeting with an educator  from Tulsa who has an education ministry in Honduras!  That same morning, Cheryl  was meeting with  a man  from  San Pedro Sula in regards to an education program for our conference center and he is connected to the same ministry there in Tulsa.    In light of our new programs, I think this is a God-send.  Furthermore, at the same time we were meeting, Cheryl was meeting with this Honduran man who is affiliated with the same ministry here in Tulsa.  What’s the likelihood of that happening?

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