Production Center

Breaking the cycle of poverty.

It’s a common story.  A young woman marries or gets pregnant. She and her husband move in together and then the following year, or sometimes a decade later he leaves her behind; in most cases he will never be heard from again.

The villages where we minister are filled with women and families struggling to survive. These women rarely have any skills or employment prospects and even if they do the only jobs are in the city, nearly an hour away. With no cars, this requires them to spend a big part of their day on public transportation to a long work day and back.  All the while, their small children have no one to care for them during the day.

Our vision with the production center is to provide local employment so these women are able to work in the community, available to their children and yet able to perform a meaningful labor that can break the cycle of economic and spiritual poverty that is often repeated in our communities.

The apostle James wrote “True religion before God is this. To care for widows and orphans and to keep ourselves from being influenced by the darkness of the world.”

Help support employment for at risk families.

If you know an outlet or have an idea for a product we would be grateful if you would contact us.  We currently make tote bags with additional products under development.