Community Outreach

Good News for our community.

Our vision is to bring good news to the Honduran communities and villages where we live and serve.  Every day we encounter the darkness of broken relationships, abuse, abandonment and hopelessness.  More than anything else we do, our calling is to shine the light of good news into each person and situation we encounter.

The good news that someone cares,  the good news of options and hope, and most of all the good news that Jesus Christ offers to all a different way of living.

We have seen first hand how relationships can be restored, how trust can be regained and how hope can restore the soul.   Each Wednesday we spend time visiting the housebound, sick, struggling and others to pray for them, to assure them that we care and to share with them as we are able, the good news that Christ loves us all.

We thank God for all of our friends who share our burden for gathering hearts for Christ in Honduras.

Join us in loving the people of Honduras

We hope you will consider helping with vocational training for single mothers and those that are unemployed.