UPDATE – July 15, 2019

It’s now July 15; we got back to Honduras last Thursday.  We had two return dates set prior to that, but each time something popped up at the last moment that had to be dealt with.  Now that we have arrived it seems really good to be here.  The compound looks good, classes are full, and all the teachers are in place.  Our former student and teacher, Christian, is back for a break but will probably be heading back to the ship soon.  Jose is still here.  Before leaving the States we met with building experts who want to help with the sports park and the new classroom building; we received another project for the production center so these women have some temporary work; another couple that was connected with a well known evangelist wants to come down and minister; and someone with a master’s degree in teaching wants to come down and teach our teachers.  Our delays were not in vain; His ways are always better.  We had another direct answer to prayer this week.  We needed money to be wired right away to cover payroll and expenses for the mission center—and we didn’t have it.  We decided to go ahead and wire what we had and try to come up with the rest some other way.  Then suddenly our electricity went out and we had no phone or internet to contact the bank.  We continued to pray about the situation, and two things happened: 1) the electricity eventually came back on 2) we were then able to read an email from Donna, our treasurer, saying we had received a donation in the mail and she was on the way to the bank to deposit it in our account.  As you might expect, it was enough to meet to need.