UPDATE – May 13, 2019

Saturday (5/11) was a busy day.  The first event of the day was loss of our electricity.  Poor timing; it just so happened that Saturday was one of the hottest days of the year.  Furthermore, we had  parent’s meetings scheduled starting at 10am.  We had about 100 people in the conference room at a time—and it really got hot.   The purpose of the meetings was to keep parents informed and involved in what their sons and daughters are doing.  We also solicited their help in making sure the students do their homework, come to class everyday and on time, wear their uniforms etc.  Despite the heat, it was a very productive time….. Later on in the day we had Timothy Training for our youth leaders.  Saturday night we had been invited along with some other churches to attend a worship service.  The church that extended the invitation was very small, and I expected attendance to be around 25 people.  As it turned out, the service was outside; approximately 250 chairs had been set up in an open lot next to the church—and all were filled.  It was a real blessing.  On Sunday we went to church at International Christian Fellowship in San Pedro Sula; it was great to see friends we haven’t seen in a long while.  Today (5/13) we started out with a student’s meeting to discuss and distribute their new handbook.  Cheryl has done an amazing job with these students in choosing their curriculum, developing lesson plans, teaching their teachers, outlining student deportment.  The classes are much more effective than they were a year or two ago…. I am now being included in some pastor’s events.  They refer to me as Mr. Gary Missionary.  This noon we will be having a pastor’s meeting (including Missionary Gary) in our conference center.  This is a big answer to prayer.  Ever since we got here we have been working toward seeing cooperation among the Evangelical pastors in our villages.


There’s a big difference between being called to stay and deciding not to go.