May 8, 2019

Dr. Jonathan Friend & Dr. Chris Stokes

Last week we had a medical “brigade” from Christ Presbyterian Church in Tulsa here at the mission center. This is the clinic established by Dr. James Green some years ago. There were three physicians, three nurses, a pharmacist, and a lens specialist.  They were in the village of El Chile on Monday, and Campana on Tuesday.  The rest of the week they were at our Mission Center in Los Portales. We had put out notices in the villages the week before, and  more than 500 patients were seen in those five days.  What a great blessing for all…..   This week is back to “normal”.  Cheryl will be spending much of her time with the students and teachers, both little kids and high school age.  I will work with the carpentry class; and spend  time in the villages.  We also have a couple of regulatory issues pending which are very time consuming.


Have you noticed?  The more you eat the more you eat; the more you pray the more you pray.