UPDATE – Nov. 14, 2018

We are currently getting the container with 1000 children’s Christmas gifts every other year—and this is the year!


Furthermore, this year we got the container in record time.  In years past it has arrived as late as the end of December, and at a much greater cost.  This week Nicolas, Joel, and I have gone into the villages of Tronconera and El Sauce registering the kids and giving them a ticket for a gift.  We began this program in early 2000 and we met many adults in those villages who remembered receiving one of our gifts when they were a child.  We have yet to hand out tickets in Seis de Mayo; and then next week we plan to distribute the gifts.  Candy Matheny and Celline, who have headed this project since 2007. will be arriving this week to help with the distribution.  Avery Johnson will also be coming, as well as Linda Thornhill, and Mr. Deckard.

Things are going well in the other parts of the ministry.  Last week 20 dump truck loads of fill dirt leveled the lots where the new classroom building will be built.  Classes are lively as we come to the end of another year.  Graduation will be in two weeks; Denny Boersema from Michigan will be here for that.

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