Dustin in Honduras

This is a post from one of the team members:

Today I want to tell you about my experiences and ambitions from the Gathering of hearts ministry here in Honduras…  right now I just finished up my second day in the carpentry class and I have found myself shocked, amazed, and regretful.

First of all, Honduras is considered a third world country that has its fair share of dangers, but I have felt an abundance of comfort and acceptance from the every single person at the facility where they work.  When I first stepped foot in the carpentry class I was shocked of how little resources they had…and for the carpentry teacher (Alfredo) to teach the students new skills, with so little, seemed impossible.  Also, for me to help the hardened, troubled carpentry students to get to know Christ is no small task.

Within the first few minutes of the humid day, Alfredo looked at the project drawings and immediately started handing out instructions as to what to do, the students immediately started working very diligently without asking any questions.  Then throughout the day I observed what was going on and was amazed at how much they wanted to work with wood!  When I was in school, I remember shop class as being one of those blow off classes where the students didn’t want to work, and the abundance of safety guards prohibited you from doing anything productive anyway.  Here, the students WANT to learn…and WANT to work…and they do!  Bible study time!  Alfredo and I gathered the students and they sat down where I began to read scripture.  I was amazed how well they listened with open ears and how I was able to keep their attention.   Then I proceeded to explain what an eternity means by comparison.  I told them “If you were to put your entire life inside a drop of water, God offers you all the rivers, lakes, seas, oceans, and all the rain to come…to spend in paradise.”  They reflected their amazement back!

I began to look around as to what they had accomplished.  Alfredo showed me several projects that were going on and I was amazed at their quality of work!  Everything here is made from solid wood, either oak or laurel…no plywood here.  In the corner of the shop, I discovered a lathe made entirely out of wood, nails, a motor, and various bicycle parts.  Then when Alfredo instructed the younger boys to build the table legs, they immediately chucked up some wood and started turning them.  The contraption works, and to my amazement quite well.  By lunchtime, all of the students, along with Alfredo, are covered in sawdust and had accomplished so much more than I had imagined possible!

After just starting to get to know the people here, I feel like I’m just starting to make contributions to the program and want to stay because these people are so capable, yet there is so much more I want to share with them.  I am regretful that I didn’t schedule more time to be here.  My hopes are that every one of the students get to know the lord and I will be praying for them.               -Dustin


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